Fracking Abbreviations

Fracking Abbreviations

DECC     Department of Energy and Climate Change – a government department

PEDL      Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence

ERA        Environmental Risk Assessment

EIA         Environmental Impact Assessment – For Fracking it is conducted by the operator!!

MPA      Mineral Planning Authority MPA are part of the Planning department of the County Council

EA           Environment Agency – a non-departmental government body sponsored by DEFRA

DEFRA   Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

BGS        British Geographical Survey – the BGS advises the government on Geoscience. It is partly government funded.

HSE        Health and Safety Executive – the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness

OGA      Oil and Gas Authority – a sort of subset of the DECC

HRA       Habitats Regulations Assessment – EU regulations insist on this to help protect wildlife etc.

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