An area incorporating half of the plains, Warminster, Trowbridge, part of Cranborne Chase AONB and the area just South West of Devizes has been licenced for oil/gas exploitation. South Western Energy hold the licences and could submit planning applications any day now. They have made a ‘firm commitment’ to drill in the blocks containing the towns of Trowbridge and Warminster.



The map below is from the Habitats Regulations Assesment and shows the 10km ‘impact zone’ around the licence area, in which drilling is not permitted but effects of pollution and traffic could be felt.



You are probably sat there thinking, what is “fracking“?

Well, fracking is a way of getting gas or oil out of the earth by drilling into the ground and injecting massive amounts of water and chemicals at extremely high pressures, this causes the shale to crack and release the gas that is contained in the shale.  Only about 25% of the chemicals and water is pumped back out, the rest disappears into the ground.

But, there is more, Wiltshire has been earmarked for Coal Bed Methane Extraction (CBM). The impacts of Cbm extraction are very similar to shale gas, it is known as shale gas’s evil twin in some parts. The difference is that Cbm involves drilling into a coal seam and pumping the water from the seam, which in turn releases the gas along the seam which is then brought to the surface. The problem is that the water inside the seam is very very old and dirty, containing all sorts of nasties and possibly radioactive materials and it happens much closer to the surface than shale gas. Cbm often involves fracking.

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The video below gives a very good explanation of what fracking is, it is made with the USA in mind so not all facts and figures are correct for the U.k.

This film was made just across the border in Somerset.


…is CBM and Fracking so bad, if it was dangerous surely the Government wouldn’t allow it?  Maybe you should ask some questions!





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